Research Interns

Ted Vuchinich

Ted Vuchinich has a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering with undergraduate degree from Lafayette College. Before beginning the MLA program at University of Michigan, he worked as an intern for McLaren Engineering Group's Marine Division and as a Project Engineer for Walden Environmental Engineering. He started the MLA program in order to begin work in ecological and low impact design

Qifan Wu

Coming from the background of urban planning, and as a first-year graduate student in MLA & MSI in U-M, I am interested in using big data to ameliorate environmental problems.

Yueying Ma

I am currently a postgraduate student majoring in landscape architecture at Tongji University. With research experiences of regional landscape ecological planning and green infrastructure planning, I have strong interest in ecosystem services (especially water-related) and water resource management. In my free time, I play my clarinet and do contemporary dance.

Chen Zuo

Chen Zuo, a graduate student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan. He got the BA degree and MA degree in Artistic Design in XUAT. He has 7 years of experience as a landscape architect in CSCEA & AECOM. His future research areas will include using ecology and environment analysis to carry out macro-scale landscape architecture to solve for eco-environmental deterioration problem.

Isabella Shehab

Izzy is entering her second year at SEAS, pursuing a dual masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Ecosystem Science and Management. She previously attended Iowa State University where she studied Global Resource Systems and enjoyed studying/working abroad every summer. Her previous research has been focused on urban forestry and she looks forward to diving into the literature about climate change and water quality!